Crime rate down!

At the March meeting of the Community Council,  PC Robertson presented the figures for incidents occurring in February in Midlothian, and compared them with a year ago.  These showed a very encouraging trend of an increasing percentage of crimes solved in most of the categories.

Violence & Disorder – 82.3% solved, up 14% on last year

Serious assault – 93% solved, up 20%

Robbery – 58% solved, up 13%

Rape – 88.5% solved, up 40%

Acquisitive Crime – down 16.5% (350 less crimes recorded)

Housebreaking down by 26%

Motor vehicle crime down by 19.4%

Fraud up 3.7%

Anti-social behaviour down by 9.5% (513 less incidents)

Vandalism down by 8.1% (59 fewer crimes)

All the police officers who guard our community are to be thanked and congratulated for these excellent results, even more so as they come at a time of significant re-structuring within the force.

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