Current Issues

Some of the issues currently being looked at by the Community Council are -.

Aircraft Noise.  Dalkeith, and other parts of Midlothian, is increasingly being overflown by aeroplanes heading out to over the Forth where they turn for their final approach to
land at Edinburgh Airport.  Dalkeith & District Community Council is represented on a body called the Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board (EANAB) which allows communities affected by aircraft noise to work with the airport on ways to mitigate that noise.  The EANAB website is at where copies of minutes, reports etc. can be found.

Although an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) made by the Airport was rejected by the CAA last year, a new ACP is now being prepared.  The difference is that there is a new set of procedures to be followed which should allow for greater community engagement while the proposals are being drawn up.  You can follow the process of the new ACP at

Defibrillators.  Potential sites are being looked at to install a further two defibrillators in the town centre.  There is now overwhelming evidence that speedy access to defibrillators and their correct use can substantially increase the chance of someone surviving a heart attack.  As well as suitable sites, funding will have to be successfully obtained.

Change of use for Jarnac Court building.  At its August meeting, the Community Council had a presentation of the proposals to turn the top two floors of the block in Jarnac Court above Subway and the Continental Cafe into emergency accommodation for homeless people.  By doing this,  it is estimated there would be a saving on the considerable amount spent on B & B accommodation at present. While anything that helps people who, often through no fault of their own, suddenly find themselves without anywhere to live and at the same time saves Midlothian Council money is to be welcomed, concerns were raised at the impact this development might have on Dalkeith Town Centre

Parking Issues.  The new enforcement of parking regulations has  improved the traffic flow through the town and made it much easier to find a parking space when visiting the town centre to shop or for business.  But the knock on effect has been even greater inconvenience for residents living near the town centre whose streets are being used as an unofficial all-day car park.  At the June meeting, the Community Council heard from residents in Mitchell Street about some of their issues, including the approaching resurfacing work on Old Edinburgh Road and Mitchell St.  Various measures to deal with both the temporary issues during the resurfacing work and also a long term solution were discussed and the two local Councillors present, Councillors Russell and Cassidy will take these back to the Council officials dealing with this.

August update.  The Community Council plans to pursue this issue over the coming year to find a longer term solution, now that the immediate problems associated with the resurfacing of Old Edinburgh Road are behind us.

NHS GP Practice boundary changes.  Some modifications to the existing boundaries for the various GP Practices in Midlothian have been proposed and some of these affect Dalkeith.


New Primary school.  The Community Council has been asked for its views on where a new Primary School for the town should be built.