We’re all in this together and we’re here to help each other

November 2020 update.

Covid-19 is trying to make a come back in our community.  The numbers of people infected has been rising over the past weeks and Midlothian is now in Tier 3 of the Scottish Government’s restrictions.  It is up to everyone, regardless of age or health circumstances, to follow the guidelines.  The virus is passed from person to person so one way to eradicate it would be for no-one to go anywhere near anyone else for at least two weeks.  But that of course is simply not possible as we share houses with other people and have to go and buy food.  So we have to take measures that are appropriate to the level of infection in our area.  Here are the current guidelines for Dalkeith.


Midlothian Council has  implemented a radical strategy which ensured critical services continued to be delivered throughout the first outbreak earlier in the year.  You can find details of all the Council’s special measures at a dedicated website .  

It is to be hoped that we can avoid having to go into a full lockdown again, but that will only happen if everyone  follows the guidelines.  Please play your part!