We’re all in this together and we’re here to help each other

Coronavirus is just beginning to infiltrate our community and in the days and weeks ahead will spread rapidly unless serious measures are taken to slow down its progress.  Many of us will be affected by it.  The majority of us hopefully will only feel mildly ill or have no symptoms at all.  But for some the illness will be more serious.  As a community we want to ensure that everyone is supported through this difficult time because together we can get through it. 

Midlothian Council has already been implementing a radical strategy to ensure critical services continue to be delivered throughout the outbreak, which could go on for several months.  You can find details of all the Council’s special measures at a dedicated website .  One initiative that has been launched is the #Kindness@Midlothian Campaign.  This campaign is to co-ordinate all of the help that is to offer to local people as we manage our response to Coronavirus and you can find out more about it by following the links from the main Midlothian Coronavirus page.

So how can you help?  Click here to go to a page where we will endeavour to highlight current opportunities that we know about.