Get Vaccinated!

Please get vaccinated as soon as possible as there is a big spike in new infections in Midlothian, and especially Dalkeith, just now.  Keep yourself safe – keep others safe.  Details about drop-in clinics can be found here.

Dalkeith and District Community Council exists to represent the views of people living in the area shown on the map below.   We encourage all residents to make their views known about the place where we all live, to try and make it better for everyone.  You can contact us by email and contribute through our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter – there are links at the bottom of this page.  Or better still, why not come along to one of the Community Council meetings?   Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, whether it is simply to raise an issue or to become more involved or just to sit and see what happens.

Dalkeith and District Community Council area.